Grid Interactive Solar Power

A NENSYS grid-interactive solar power system on your roof will add value to your property and help you against escalating electricity prices.

Sustainable solutions that provide multiple benefits:

  • wise investment for houses connected to the grid
  • effectively reduces your electricity bill
  • excess solar electricity can be exported to the grid
  • systems designed to meet your needs and budget, some models can be expanded at any time
  • some models can be designed with micro-inverters when panels are mounted with different orientations, or when there is some very localized shading

We use SMA inverters made in Germany and CEC approved solar panels.

Solar Hot Water

With a solar hot water system you will enjoy substantial savings on your household hot water costs.

The storage tank of our hot water systems are made of long life stainless steel which acts as a natural barrier to corrosion. Therefore, our stainless steel tanks do not require a sacrificial anode and are virtually maintenance free.

  • evacuated tube solar hot water technology
  • better performance than traditional flat plate solar collectors
  • long lasting stainless steel tank
  • no tank on your roof
  • standard with anti-frost and solar gain controller

For solar hot water systems: Equipment supply only. Please contact your plumber for installation.

Off-Grid Solar Power

Off-grid solar systems are the only option for cost-effective power in remote locations where mains electricity is unavailable, unreliable or extremely expensive to install.

Even in a remote location, NENSYS off-grid systems have many advantages:

  • reliable power 24 hours a day
  • silent operation from batteries
  • low cost operation, low maintenance requirements
  • designed to power appliances and tools at home or workshop, while reducing your reliance on petrol or diesel generators

We use high surge sinewave  inverters, deep cycle batteries, MPPT charge controllers and CEC approved solar panels.

Solar Camping

Solar equipment for camping, caravans, boats, etc.

We offer the right complete solar power system, enabling you to enjoy your free time with your caravan, while being independent, but in comfort.

All what you need for solar camping:

  • 12/24V solar panels for battery charging
  • solar charge controllers for flooded and sealed batteries
  • 12V deep-cycle batteries
  • Sinewave inverters for safe and reliable 240V power from batteries

STCs Discount  Eligible customers can get an upfront discount from the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme towards the installation of a solar system for grid, off-grid or hot water.

Solar Equipment

We supply and install top-quality solar equipment including:

12V solar panels, 6 - 150W
24V solar panels, 190 - 210W
CIS solar panels, 90 & 150W
Jinko 20V 60cells panels, 260W
Plasmatronics PWM regulators
Morningstar MPPT regulatos
Schneider MPPT regulators
Deep-cycle solar batteries
Battery fuses
Latronics battery inverters
SMA grid inverters
Generator interactive inverter-chargers
System monitoring
Clenergy racking
Circuit protection (string fuses and DC isolators)

If you would like more information on any of our systems or products please fill out the form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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